We provide a full range of notarial services for our corporate commercial and

individual clients as a non-exhaustive list as follows:


  • Notarisation of Power of Attorney and Other Commercial Documents
  • Notarisation of Court Documents
  • Notarisation of Administrative Documents
  • Notarisation of Real Property, Commercial Property, Lease and Mortgage instruments
  • True certified copies
  • Certificates as to Australian law
  • Certificates as to foreign law
  • Affidavits and declarations
  • Ship's protests
  • Bills of exchange
  • Company documents such as Preparation of Certificates of Good Standing
  • Intellectual Property Documents and Applications (Patents, Trademarks and Designs)
  • Wills, Probate and Succession documents
  • Preparation and Notarisation of Consent to Travel Document for When A Child is Traveling without One or Both Parents.



It is the requirement of most overseas governments that a notary's witnessing signature and

seal on a document be authenticated or legalised, before allowed to operate in their country.

The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) issues Apostille Certificates which legalise

Australian public documents, including notarised documents, for use in overseas countries that

are signatories to the Hague Convention.


For Commonwealth countries, however, documents notarised in Australia can be used in most

jurisdictions, without the requirement of the Apostille, as Australian notaries and those from

Commonwealth countries usually accord mutual recognition.

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     Notarial Services

Notorial services

In Victoria, Australia Notaries are senior legal practitioners who are appointed by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Victoria to authenticate, prepare, attest, verify, witness and certify original and copy legal documents for use in Australia and overseas.  Under the Hague Convention, the office and seal of a Notary is internationally recognized.

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        China Practice

china legal practiceOur expertise, and network in relation to China have provided our clients with tailor-made, thorough and efficient legal services.  We offer our client commercially astute advice backed by substantial experience. We are not merely legal experts; we comprehend the specific business and market conditions relevant to you.  

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Indonesian Practice

Indonesian Legal ServiceWe obtain knowledge and skill in how to operate within the unique Indonesian legal system and meet the specific demands of our clients by offering the right mix of technical expertise, sector knowledge, local understanding and language skills.

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